1. Make a playlist and BLAST it.

I literally choose songs that I know will make me feel like a badass. I add fun songs with high energy that I can sing along to, no sad songs allowed. I want to protect my energy and get it to a point that makes me feel confident to start my day.

2. Write out your GOALS.

You deserve to achieve your wildest dreams. But to get there, you have to have an idea of where you want to go. Writing my goals out every morning helps remind me of the WHY behind my to-dos for the day, as well as help keep my focus aligned with where I want to be.

3. Visualize your DREAMS.

This is something that I am trying to remember to practice, because it’s so powerful. Try to vividly imagine you achieving something that you want–What does it feel like? What do you see? If you have goals but you can’t actually imagine achieving them, it’s going to be a lot harder for you to make that a reality. Get as clear as you can.

4. Tell yourself you’re WORTHY.

Affirmations help with the belief that you are worthy of your dreams. And that you have potential to achieve what you want to achieve. I love the Mantra app, which lets you choose categories to focus on. I believe that for affirmations to work you have to also change your subconscious to agree with them, or else they won’t work. But through a combination of affirmations and journaling, I can testify that you can change core beliefs about yourself and where you’re headed. Starting the day off with an affirmation helps you take pride in the fact that you are consciously growing.

5. Dress to Impress (Yourself)

Do whatever makes YOU feel confident. Maybe it’s fully dressed with red lipstick. Maybe it’s your gym clothes and a ponytail. But wash your face. And get into something that makes you feel READY for the day. Waiting until noon to change out of your pajamas with your hair unbrushed is TOTALLY OK and I will always be someone who will never judge you but if you WANT a different vibrational level, dress for it. Welcome it.

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