1. I don’t look like the girls in your photos. I’m curvy/don’t have curves. I need to lose 15 pounds first. I’m not toned. I’m too old.

YOU ARE THE GIRLS IN MY PHOTOS! That is why I share before and afters. I you have a body, THIS IS FOR YOU! If you don’t see someone who looks exactly like you–I still want to photograph you!! You can empower other women by sharing you story if you choose to!

2. I can’t spend something like that on myself.

You deserve to be pampered, treated and reminded of the woman that you are. This experience lasts more than just the day of your shoot. Its something that you can look back on and will have images to reflect on for the rest of your life. YOU are worth it..

3. I don’t have anyone to do it for.

Do it for you.

4. I’m not sexy. I have no idea how to pose.

You don’t need to know a thing!! I walk you through EVERYTHING! From your toes to your hands, even what to do with your face. I also demonstrate every pose for you so you’re NEVER asked to “just do something”. I got you girl!!

5. I literally don’t even own lingerie, I have no idea what I would wear.

I have a client closet with pieces from xxs-6x! We will go over styling and wardrobe in detail, but you could literally come in with just a pair of undies to wear under what I bring and you’ll be good to go!

There are so many reasons we can come up with to say now isn’t the right time, maybe once I…

But the truth is, you’re a fucking babe that deserves to be photographed.

You deserve to be captured as you are, right now, for all of time.

And it would be my honor to do that for you.

Ready to do some brave shit? Let’s do it together.



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