I know it sounds silly, but this was one of the freeing things that I’ve learned and try to live by.

If I am feeling LOW–like, not feeling good about myself, anxious, worried, paralyzed by not feeling good enough or overwhelmed by all that I’ve done wrong or not doing…etc, etc, etc.

I am giving too many fucks.

I’ve heard it explained like this:

You have a fuck bucket.

And you can only fit so many fucks.

You only have so many fucks that you can actually give.

Before you’re going insane.


What can you let go of?

What can you say, ‘fuck it’ about?

Maybe it’s someone? Maybe it’s something you feel guilty about?

Most likely, it’s not serving you.

You have to take care of you. And that means choosing what fucks you have the ability to give. And you don’t have to feel guilty about what that means you have to release.

Let go what you need to in order to have more peace, more time, and more energy.

It’s freeing to decide that you simply cannot give a fuck about xyz.

So make sure that you are choosing your fucks.

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